Best thing after Wonder Bread!
Tatshyan S. DDS, California
These ACES Webcast seminars are fantastic!
Melanie N. RDH, California
Love it!!! Great idea! I learned a lot from this course – very interesting and informative.
Jill S. RDH, Utah
Webinar was great!Instructor was terrific.
Michael E. DDS, California
Absolutely “love” live online CE seminars.
Amy P. RDH, California
Your customer service was amazing. I left a message because the lines were busy I was a bit nervous as to how long it would take to receive a call due to entering the wrong class. However, I had a call back in less than 5 minutes and the representative was amazing.
Lucesita R. RDH, New York
I was so grateful to do my course from home without having to leave my new baby. I was able to nurse him while I listened to the instructor. So thankful!
Tricia S. RDH, Kentucky
This is great. I am a mom of two small children, it’s difficult for me get out to seminars and I love this format.
Gina M. RDH, Arizona
I was very pleased with the how easy it was to attend and will definitely be taking many more courses in the future.
Rolando V. DDS, California
Convenient! I can get my golf in & keep my schedule intact. I learned more in less time.
Gregory C. DDS, Ohio
I love it! I live in a very rural area and this saves me so much time & money to attend 'Live' classes. Thank You!
Tracy P. RDH, Wyoming
Excellent opportunity to save time and money. Your standby personnel to correct my problem with accessing the webcast was very helpful. Thanks!
Hung P. DDS, California
Love it. Appreciate expertise of presenter in subject area and degree of detail.
Karen B. DDS, California
This is the best medium if one wants to really review and learn material.
Katherine S. DDS, California
Having such a busy schedule this allowed me to comfortably complete my CE credits.
Jill B. RDH, New York
This course was great! I think they are wonderful!
Christine L. RDA, California
Terrific! What a great method to help us access CE without leaving our home or office!
Merlin B. RDH, North Carolina
I absolutely love it! I have told all my dental hygiene friends. You saved me from travelling for my CE units.
Cruz P. RDH, New York
I love them, BEST idea ever!
Rebecca F. RDH, Colorado
The course was presented with an enthusiasm and with an obvious passion for the subject matter that kept me interested and focused.
Steve W. DDS, Califoria
I really enjoyed the ACES webcast seminar! So much better than taking up my work day or free time.
Gary A. DDS, California
Very convenient, easy and a lot of fun.
Allison P. DDS, Pennsylvania
This mode of delivery of CE credits is the best thing since "sliced bread"...hahaha. PLEASE CONTINUE TO EXPAND OFFERINGS! DO MORE ADVERTISING! You will soon put "on Site" seminars out of business!
Heidi L. RDH, Pennsylvania
Loved it! I loved the questions & answers portion feature and the presenter was awesome.
Jane H., RDH, Texas
Great Presentation & Presenter! Thanks! I will be doing more
Dana D. RDH, IL
Saved me considerable time and money and was much better than many live presentations at a physical locations.
Steven E. DDS, CA
I love them! I have two kids, so I can't get out the door so easily for continuing education courses.
Deborah K. RDH, NJ
Amazing! I love it. Keep up the good work. So convenient.
Nazaneen A. RDH, Maryland
"I think ACES is great! It is hard to take time off of work to attend a CE course. This enables you to get the live units done in a convenient manner without missing work."
Nicole P. RDH, California
"This has all been very easy! I appreciate the quick responses and all of the communication."
Tina S. RDH, Nevada
"Appreciate your great helpfulness throughout the process of registration and participation in the webinar. Everything worked out very well."
Vickie Y. RDH, PA
"I love it. It was a great experience - thank you!"
Rhonda G. RDH, Texas
"I just first want to start by letting you know that ACES is a fantastic program and very great way to participate in Continuing Education credits. I have enjoyed the last three courses that I have participated in. I have found the instructors to be thorough, knowledgeable and passionate with their materiel. I am appreciative of this program and your dedicated staff that instruct it. Thank you!!
Christine B. RDH, Virginia
"Really convenient and easy to access. Very knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Really enjoyed the course."
Nga T. RDA, California
"Just a note to those in charge of ACES to inform them I've used the CE community for 20 some years and never has your professionalism been matched. I will never use any other provider. Thank you so much for so much help."
Frank B. DDS, New York
"I love these webinars! I get to pick which topics interest me and will be of benefit to me instead of waiting around for something of interest to come to my area! They are very easy to use (even for a low tech person like me!)."
R.L. RDH, Maryland
"Staff is incredible. Very helpful and patient."
Donna D. RDH, New Jersey
"I love it! Very helpful. Thanks so much, Everything was so easy to understand."
Kailee I. RDH, Texas
"Love it! This was my first time taking a live seminar online. I live and 1-2 hours away from any major city which makes taking courses inconvenient. I love the variety of topics and the times offered. I will definitely take courses again."
Debra M. RDH, CA
"Wonderful and very informative! Great instructor - Loved the course."
Lounette B. RDH, North Carolina
"I have been taking care of my elderly bed-ridden mother for the last 2.5 years. It is difficult for me to be away from her for a whole day an thought I would be unable to renew my license. Because I found your website, I was able to get my live CE without leaving my mother alone. The 3 hour sessions are so manageable and easier on her…thank you so much!!"
Beverly S. RDH, Michigan
"Great! I definiatly will continue using your company for all my "live" CE course."
Kim G. RDH, California
"I love it! It save me time and money especially for someone like me that don't have a car to go to seminars early in the morning. I love that they have live seminars even on the weekends that helps a lot because sometimes I work six days a week."
Climene D. RDH, California