Dr. Kenneth C. Colerick D.D.S

Ken ColerickKenneth C. Colerick, D.D.S received his dental degree from University of Missouri at Kansas City. After receiving his dental degree, Dr. Colerick spent over 50 years in private practice in various communities in California. During his career, Dr. Colerick placed over 20,000 units of crown and bridge, completed more than 4,000 endodontic procedures, 200,000 restorative procedures and 5,000 removable prosthetic devices. During his career, Dr. Colerick completed over 1200 hours of continuing education.

Dr. Colerick is a noted dental educator who has written seven books on dentistry and authored over 60 different continuing education seminars. He is presently in semi-retirement spending a majority of his time as a dental educator.

Courses Dr. Colerick teaches:
California Dental Practice Act
Clenching and How it Relates to Periodontitis & Periimplantitis
Dental Emergencies and Painless Injections
Extractions Made Easy
Platelets Rich Plasma and Fibrin: Including Revascularization & Bone Rejuvenation