05/30/2022 (5pm-8pm Pacific / 8pm-11pm Eastern) COVID-19 & OSHA Fit Testing Requirement

05/30/2022 (5pm-8pm Pacific / 8pm-11pm Eastern) COVID-19 & OSHA Fit Testing Requirement

COVID-19 and OSHA Fit Testing Requirement

How to Prepare for an OSHA Drop-In N-95 Fit Check

Live, Interactive Webcast Continuing Education Course - 3 Hours Credit

Instructor: Dr. Kenneth Colerick, D.D.S.

Course Description:

This course is a comprehensive collaboration of all the requirements needed for running a safe office for both patients and office staff.

The Covid pandemic has changed all our lives and has greatly impacted our dental offices. Every dental office and professional will need to change how they operate. There are now new OSHA, CDC and ADA recommendations on how dental offices must operate to be in legal compliance and even more important safe for both the patient and the dental staff.

This Covid course is valuable to your knowledge of the procedures that must be implemented to meet COVID-19 safety needs.  In this course, we will cover specific ways to properly fit and use your PPE to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19.  

This course includes a very valuable office daily manual to make sure that all required activities are completed and logged for verification.

After completing this course, the clinician will be able to successfully complete the following requirements:

  1. OSHA requires a Fit Test before an employee can enter an infective environment i.e. operatory where droplets and splash occurs.
  2. OSHA is issuing citations for those offices not fit testing or have a written respiratory program.
  3. Employees becoming infected with COVID-19, and were not fit tested, places employers in a difficult position.
  4. CDC and NIOSH require fit testing for employees who enter an infected environment.

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