02/05/2023 (10am-1pm Pacific / 1pm-4pm Eastern) Medications Used in Dentistry

02/05/2023 (10am-1pm Pacific / 1pm-4pm Eastern) Medications Used in Dentistry

Medications Used In Dentistry

Live, Interactive Webcast Continuing Education Course - 3 Hours Credit

Instructor: Dr. Kenneth Colerick, D.D.S.

Course Description:

This course will explore the antibiotics, analgesics, and local anesthetics that are commonly used in dentistry. Topics include different types of antibiotics and their best uses, bacteria resistance, and when to recommend antibiotic prophylaxis in cardiovascular, immune compromised and joint replacement patients.

Adverse reactions, common side effects and drug interactions will be reviewed. Types of local and topical anesthesia will be covered, as well as different onset and duration of local anesthetics. Pain medications, including opioids, will be addressed as well as discussing symptoms of overdose.

After completing this course, the clinician will learn:

  1. What antibiotics are effective on oral bacteria.
  2. What combination and dosages of antibiotics you can use.
  3. How antibiotics work to remove bacteria.
  4. How analgesics react to other drugs our patients are taking.
  5. How analgesics affect our bodies; how they can become addictive.
  6. How local anesthetics work and how they become sodium channel blockers.
  7. Why vasoconstrictors are needed in local anesthetics.

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